Age: The minimum age for participation as volunteers is 15. Most of our committees require a minimum age of 18 and in some cases 25. Accommodation/Transportation: Volunteers taking part in the tournament must take into consideration that the tournament does not provide accommodation. Work schedules: The volunteers’ tasks will be carried out before, during and after the tournament. You will receive notification during the first week of February detailing the work schedule required by your committee. You will also receive contact details for your Committee Captain, with whom you can communicate before, during and after the tournament. Your Committee Captain will be in touch with you and will send information about dates and schedules for delivering the uniforms and training. It is essential (mandatory) to attend the meetings/training sessions prior to the tournament. Dress Code: As a volunteer, you will receive a uniform (Polo shirt and cap); you will also be issued an official credential which will confirm your volunteer status; it is essential to use this credential at all times during your volunteering duties. The volunteer uniform and credentials are NOT transferable; you must look after them carefully as they will not be replaced if misplaced. During the week of the tournament you are responsible for looking after your uniform and keeping it clean. Following the dress code is a strict requirement: men: pants or bermuda shorts (khaki or beige), women: pants, bermuda shorts or knee-length skirts (khaki or beige). Remember to wear comfortable shoes (tennis shoes) at all times. Sandals or heels for women are not permitted. Safety: The tournament is proud to provide volunteers with the best safety conditions. As a member of the team of volunteers it is essential that all volunteers understand the safety rules, policies and procedures established for each committee. All of the volunteers must follow the rules and safety regulations as instructed by their Committee Captain. Communication with your Committee Captain is of utmost importance, so if you have any problem, conflict and/or suggestions speak to your captain immediately so that s/he may support you. Golf carts will be operated by the TOUR, so volunteers driving golf carts for transporting materials must be at least 18 years old and volunteers driving with passengers must be at least 25 years of age. All volunteers responsible for a golf cart must sign the Safety and Protection agreement.

Rules and Policies: All volunteers are subject to verification of references should this be required by the PGA TOUR. You will not be accepted as a volunteer in future events or will be immediately removed from duty as a volunteer if, during the tournament week, you:

  • Abuse or mistreat the players, fans, tournament staff, visitors, guests or other volunteers.
  • Fail to comply with the tournament policies and procedures.
  • Fail to fulfill the work schedules established by your Committee Captain.
  • Allow someone else to use your volunteer credential.
  • Ask for autographs outside the area designated for this purpose.
  • Don’t respect the restricted areas.
  • Cancel your participation as a volunteer without returning your uniform package beforehand.
  • Are not punctual and leave your post as a volunteer without notifying your Committee Captain beforehand.

Brand Use: Volunteers may not use the tournament name or logo, publications or any materials without permission from the PGA TOUR. Terms for Volunteer Credentials: You authorize the PGA TOUR to use your image for any live television broadcast or recording or other transmission or reproduction during the tournament. You commit to not transmitting or providing information, images or any details related to the results without prior written authorization from the PGA TOUR. It is prohibited to request autographs from the players for purposes of profit; likewise, it is not permitted to pay anyone else for obtaining an autograph. For security reasons, no backpack more than 15cm in length will be allowed on the golf course, including bags, chair covers and camera cases. Note that a search of your person and your belongings will be carried out before entering the tournament. It is forbidden to enter the course with food, ice coolers, radios, televisions, explosives, firearms, sharp objects, signs or ladders. All mobile devices must be set on silent or vibrate mode. Access for cameras or video cameras will not be allowed during play days. It is forbidden to enter the course with alcoholic beverages, as well as taking them into the play area. You commit to abiding by all these rules and regulations established by the PGA TOUR and the tournament; anyone who does not follow the rules will be removed from their support post, stripped of their volunteer credential and asked to leave the tournament. It is essential to commit to the golf cart use policies established by the PGA TOUR. It is forbidden to use the volunteer credential as a promotion, as well as to sell it. In the event of any violation of the rules, the PGA TOUR reserves the right to remove the credential and cancel all privileges granted to the volunteer. Release of Responsibilities: As it relates to my activities or activities carried out by any minor or adult listed in this document (of whom I am the legal guardian) as a volunteer at the CORALES PUNTACANA RESORT & CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP (the “Tournament”), I agree and understand that my presence, to a greater or lesser degree, as a volunteer at the tournament and any voluntary work or services carried out for the PGA TOUR, its affiliates, functionaries, directors, agents, members, officials, as well as other volunteers may expose us to any risk to a larger or lesser degree. As a prior requisite for participation as a volunteer in the tournament I acknowledge that these risks exist, I accept and release from all burden of liability and/or responsibility for personal harm (including death) or personal harm that may arise in the course of their duty as volunteers; I release the indemnified parties of any and all claims of responsibility for personal harm (including death) or damage to property that I or the minor may suffer while carrying out this kind of voluntary work. Additionally, I accept and understand that the indemnified parties are not going to hold insurance for personal injuries, damage to my property or medical expenses, and accept that I am entirely responsible for any cost of treatment for any injury or damage suffered during my service as a volunteer for the tournament. I have read the rules before signing them and agree with the terms and conditions to thus authorize my service as a volunteer.


GOLF CART USE POLICIES AND RULES/ please read and agree to these rules

During a golf tournament the carts are used mainly for transporting people, however, they can also be of use for the tournament. They are very useful in that they provide cost-effective and efficient transportation. Given that Golf Carts are vehicles that carry people as well as items, the TOUR has established a series of rules aimed at ensuring safety for all concerned.

Safe operation of Golf Carts

1. Speed

  • Golf carts must be driven at a moderate speed, equivalent to a fast walking pace.
  • Reduce speed when going downhill, uphill or in poor weather conditions.
  • Reduce speed and drive extra-carefully if the grass is wet.

2. Reversing

  • Before the driver drives in reverse s/he must ensure that nothing or no one is behind the vehicle. The driver must ensure that the vehicle is in perfect driving condition.

3. Operation and turning.

  • Never make a sharp turn.
  • Before any turn, take care and reduce speed.
  • When driving uphill or downhill, always maintain the same path and pace. Failure to do so may result in the cart overturning.
  • Take care of any obstacle and/or persons.

4. Designated Routes

  • All golf carts must drive along the designated routes.
  • If the path is congested, don’t take alternative routes or drive inside the ropes.


  • Drive golf carts for appropriate purposes; do not drive them to go to places where they are not permitted.

5. Parking

  • Park in designated areas only; do not park in the middle of the pedestrian area or in areas where the cameras are filming.
  • Apply the handbrake before getting out of the cart.
  • Don’t park the cart on a slope.
  • Never leave the cart with the keys in the ignition.

6. Driver and Passenger

  • Never carry more passengers than permitted in the cart (according to the number of seats available)
  • Never drive with people standing on the back of the cart or if overloaded with objects.
  • Do not transport staff members who are not involved with the tournament’s needs.
  • Do not start moving until all passengers are seated and never leave your seat while the cart is in movement.
  • While the cart is moving all passengers must keep their legs, feet and hands within the boundaries of the vehicle.
  • The driver is responsible for ensuring that all passengers abide by this rule.
  • Only driver’s license holders who have signed the Safe Use of Golf Carts Policy document may drive a vehicle. Nobody will be allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol.
  • Golf carts will be assigned to specific persons or areas. Please, never take other carts.
  • It is forbidden to remove or change the name or sign from each cart.


7. Maintenance and Returns

  • Any defect or problem detected in the cart should be reported to the person responsible for golf cart maintenance.
  • At the end of the day and the tournament all the golf carts must be returned to the designated area. It is forbidden to leave golf carts on the course and/or club parking lots.

KNOWLEDGE OF RULES AND SAFETY POLICIES Every person who has been assigned a golf cart for the TOUR must use and operate it responsibly. Anyone who violates the safety guidelines and policies set out in this document will not be allowed to drive a golf cart. By means of this document I confirm that I have understood all the necessary guidelines and procedures for the operation of a golf cart. I commit to ensuring that all persons who operate a golf cart must hold a driver’s License and have signed this document. I accept and recognize that any material damage and/or accident caused by the misuse of the vehicle is my responsibility.


Accept the terms and conditions.
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